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Artist's Bio


Laurie Gavitt lives near the sea and very often can be found somewhere along the shoreline working on a painting. She knows her subjects well, as one should, if you are going to paint them. Laurie is inspired by the ever-changing textures, colors, patterns, light, and shadows of all things by the sea. Her paintings  include the water, flora and fauna, boats, beaches, marshes, seashells, fishing shacks, and also flotsam and jetsam.


Perhaps because of Laurie's love for seascapes, she works mostly with water media. Watercolors and acrylics work best to reflect the nature of the subjects she paints. Watercolor paintings can have many layers of paint which can help create moods and other atmospheric effects. When painting with acrylic paint, Laurie enjoys experimenting with acrylic mediums, enabling her to add textures, washes, impasto, and more variations.

Realism influences most of Laurie's artwork, but she sometimes leans toward semi-abstraction. Recently Laurie has  been exploring oil, pushing it around into a turneresque watercolor style. Laurie enjoys experimenting with the newest mediums of paint while exploring the extremities of their capabilities.

20210327_181430 (2).jpg

As well as being a devoted painter, Laurie Gavitt is also an active member in her local artist community.


From 1998 to 2004 she taught and mentored members of the Ninigret Art Guild in Charleston, RI, offering weekly painting groups. She and her students displayed their work at the Bill Krul Gallery in Narraganset, RI as well as other exhibits at the Hoxie Gallery, the Westerly Library, the Groton Library, and the former Mystic Emporium.

Laurie was honored to be selected as an Artist in Residence for one week in 2012 at the Ocean House in Watch Hill, RI where she provided two public lectures on color, displayed her artwork and painted on the Ocean House grounds for guests to observe.

Currently, Laurie is a working artist member of the Artist Cooperative Gallery in Westerly, RI and teaches various workshops to the community.  Prior to 2012, Laurie was head of the Art Department at Mystic Marine Life Aquarium. She also worked as graphic designer for Kaplan's Travel Agency in CT., and also freelanced in commercial art.

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