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 “Dawn at Montauk” 

Dawn at Montauk.jpg

"Hunkered Down"




"Dinghy Pods"

Dinghy Pod.jpg




I was returning from a fishing trip at pre-dawn on the waters near Montauk, Long Island.

It was at a time where the sun was just about to climb out of the ocean horizon in the east. The sky had become a vivid, bright orange color, which contrasted with the dark blue color of the land and water. The scene became imprinted in my memory, and I later developedthe scene into a watercolor painting. Perhaps in my memory, or in my dreams,

I remembered a light house in the scene, and included it into the painting.







I find the gestures of seagulls quite comical. At this particular scene at the beach, there was an approaching storm, with the sky becoming very dark. A bunch of seagulls were lined up on the sand with their shoulders all scrunched up, hunkered down, waiting for the coming storm. The contrast of the dark skies and the white color of the seagulls was quite exciting. I thought that the scene would make an intriguing painting!








I often go to paint in the area of Weekapaug, RI. I love to see the changing atmosphere of the weather near the ocean. This day had a calm, hazy, and grey tone to it. The sun had almost dissolved into the grey atmosphere. The scene made me think of doing a monochromatic painting, with just a hint of color, to show the warmth of the sun shining through. The scene of the coastal homes, against the rocks, sea and sky, make it an ideal painting spot.






This painting was created from a visit to Ogunquit, Maine. I found the grouping of the dinghies in a circle to be a perfect definition of the word “pods”. Because Maine has such extreme tides, I was looking at the boats, way down low in the water, which gave it a different perspective. It was also a joy to paint the wood textures of the dinghies, as well as depicting the ones that were made of fiberglass. 

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